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The Full Stack Web Development Fall session begins September 8th

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The ultimate is web development learning series is coming back with a new edition. This is a 3-month course that will teach you all of the technologies you need to learn to build any website you want.

Each month you will be build a couple of different sites. These just aren’t videos teaching you the syntax of a language. They will show you how to build something specific so you leave feeling like you learned something.

Month 1: HTML & CSS

The foundation of any website is HTML. In the first month you will learn how to use HTML to make changes to any website and CSS to make it all look good.

View sample HTML video | View sample CSS video

Month 2: JavaScript

JavaScript allows you to make your site more interactive. It is the most popular programming language on the planet so not knowing isn’t much of an option.

View sample JavaScript video

Month 3: PHP

PHP is a backend language that allows you to work with data on your website. It is used by applications like WordPress and websites like Facebook.

View sample PHP video

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What you will learn...

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Working with Databases
  • Customizing WordPress

Here is what people are saying...

After a decade of being involved in web development I lost touch of the basics. Most of the resources I found on the web were outdated and didn’t cover the newer improvements to HTML and CSS.

Makers Cabin covered these bases and ensured that I stayed on top of my game.

Paul’s teaching style makes it easy for anybody at any level learn web technologies.

Mike Stickel, 2015 Student

I always wanted to avoid touching any type of code for fear of screwing something up. After taking the Makers Cabin course I have no problem opening up a text editor of the command-line to get something done.

It’s an awesome feeling being able to take control of your work!

Chris Prasad, Spring 2016 Student

I was tired of asking a web designer every month to come in and make small updates to my site. After taking the Full Stack Web Development course I was able to make all of the changes that I wanted to my site.

Elisa Doran, Spring 2016 Student

What is the toughest thing about learning web design & development in 2016?

Knowing where to start.

There is just too much stuff out there that it is easy for you to get lost before you even get started.

You know that you need to learn HTML, but does that help you connect to a database? What is a database? How do you change the color of that button?

You ask one question and end up down a rabbit hole of a million other questions.

It’s pretty damn frustrating.

This is why I created the Full Stack Web Development course for you.

You can consider it a step-by-step guide on everything you need to learn to build a website. You won’t be left wondering what to do next.

Ever taken a course and felt like you didn’t learn anything?

It happens all the time with development courses. They give you step-by-step direction on how to build something and you simply follow the directions. When you are done you still don’t know what to do without any instructions.

These courses don’t prepare you to go out on your own.

Each month in the course you will have new challenges to tackle that will check to see if you learned what you just thought you learned.

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Help is always around the corner

Is there anything more frustrating than purchasing a course, having a problem, asking a question, and nobody is around to answer it?

With Makers Cabin you gain access to the Slack group with over 1200 students around to help you.

Whenever you hit a hurdle you can simply ask a question and it will be answered.

Each video also has a comment section so past students have already left tips for you to pick up.

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The Makers Cabin Philosophy

For the past couple of years, I have been building apps and websites for myself. When people ask me how it’s done I break down the development process and point them to different resources.

What happens though if you don’t have someone to go to and ask advice? Where do you begin?

It can be frustrating even researching where to start if you want to build web applications. I can’t imagine how many people have given up because they feel like they aren’t getting anywhere.

Then you have to decide if you are going to use free resources, a subscription site, a book, or one of those design and development bootcamps that will set you back five figures.

I’m going to be honest, I’m glad I’m not starting from scratch today. I might’ve given up a long time ago and Makers Cabin and my other sites wouldn’t have been created. Fortunately, I started to learn design and development back when the web was a simpler place.

But this presents a problem because I want to see everyone creating their own things. There really is no limit to what you can do online and the only thing that holds people back is knowledge.

My original goal for Makers Cabin was to create resources that would teach people to turn their ideas into reality. I think I succeeded on that part, but there was also another goal and that was to make the resources accessible for all.

Makers Cabin courses aren’t the most expensive, but they also aren’t the cheapest. I tried my best to find the right middle ground between affordable and making enough money to sustain a business.

So I thought about dropping the prices on all the courses, but that only solves one problem. The other problem that people have with learning online is that everything is broken up into different topics. This sounds ideal, but can be problematic because learning HTML on its own isn’t that helpful if you don’t know CSS as well.

Once you learn these technologies how will they help you create anything if you don’t know a backend language?

What’s the point of learning a backend language if you don’t know how to get the server setup to make it work?

Again you are drawn to a number of different sites and resources because you want to put all of the pieces together.

With Makers Cabin courses I did my best to package up different topics so that you could transition from one to another, but it still didn’t fill in the big picture.

So I’ve decided to try and fix all of the problems at once.

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The Full Stack Problem

To solve the problem of having to search numerous places for different topics I’ve decided to unify all of the web courses into one and add more on top of it.

Currently, Makers Cabin’s Web Stack includes front end development and web app design, but when it comes to building web applications there is so much more than that. So Master Sketch and Master Sublime Text are being added as well, but still, there is so much more than that.

Here is just a small number of things you will need to know to go from idea to product:

  • Server infrastructure
  • Debugging the command line
  • Web design
  • Database administration
  • Code versioning
  • Backend language development

Each of those can be huge individual topics on their own, but like most other things don’t help you out unless you have the other pieces to make them work. So the new Full Stack Web Course will include those things as well.

So how is all of this going to work?

I am going to build out my latest project with you from scratch. We will go over every component from sketching out the idea, designing the layout, designing the marketing site, designing the web app portion, developing the site, getting the server(s) setup, and more.

When I say “full stack” I mean “full stack”. This is everything I do to get my projects up and out the door on my own. You will learn PHP and the Laravel framework to build the backend and the basic frontend stuff (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) to construct the front end. We will go over design aspects of both the app and the marketing site.

I want no stone left unturned.

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The Price Problem

It makes sense to charge thousands of dollars for this. Online bootcamps charge four to five figures just to learn a backend language. There are also hundreds of different free resources you could try to compile together to come up with a coherent course on your own.

I want to make money, but I also want this to be the most accessible, full-featured course on web development around so I am going to price it at $50. That makes it accessible while also bringing in revenue.

I am banking on the fact that this will be the best full stack (maybe only) course on the web you will find and that you will tell your friends and family about it and it will spread around the world.

I don’t want to hold anyone back from learning how to design and build awesome things so this is how I am going to try and help. Online education is broken and this is my attempt to patch it up.

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Course requirements

There isn’t much that you need for this course:

  • A Windows or Mac computer
  • A brain
  • Time

You won’t have to buy any special software. Everything that we use in the course is freely available.

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More questions?

Not a problem! Just shoot me an email and let’s talk!